On Acts of Love

The amazing part of a life event like a wedding is experiencing the generosity and dedication of people who love you.

In a world where people often mindlessly storm and stomp their way across other people’s paths, I’m tracking back step by step and remembering those who have walked lovingly and selflessly in my life. This will take several posts- here is the first!

1. Four African Girls and A Wedding Dress

I met Gloria, Divine and Nana the week I arrived in Edmonton in September of 2010. Apart from becoming my essay-checkers, reference-writers, cry-the-night-before-exams-buddies, and people-who-fed-me-and-really-kept-me-alive (a moment of silence to remember Glo’s pilau and chai and Nana’s jollof); they became my soul sisters and friends.

One month into planning, I was already sick of dress shopping. Everything was overpriced and over the top with the lace and the frills and the fluff. I agreed to go to Urban Bride Delivered that weekend just to humour Divine who was in town and wanted the whole girlfriends dress shopping together Hollywood experience.

I warily described the kind of dress I was looking for and waited for the this-girl-is-crazy look from the store owner: simple, no obvious patterns, no frills, no glitter, no lace, no nothing, just like…minimalist (insert pretentious look haha).

She thought for a moment then told me there was a dress that came in the night before, in my size, that was exactly what I was looking for. And it really was.

I sat right on the store floor for 15 minutes staring at the dress hanging in front of me, got up and decided (much to Nana’s relief- she had been to 3 stores already with me at this point!) that I was going home with that dress.


I was at the till, pulling out my debit card when the girls pushed me aside and told the lady they were paying for half the cost of the dress.

dress aisle forever starts here

I’m not sure what happened after because I broke down in tears and cried all the way home.

Up to now, all I can say is…you guys are too much.

2. DIY like you’ve never seen it.

We took DIY to a whole new level. Everywhere I looked on my wedding day, all I could see was my family and friends’ time, talent, energy and resources. It made my heart so full.

Nana (one of the dress-buyers!) did my make-up and my wonderful niece, Marjorie, styled my hair:

My bubbly, funny and super hot friend from high school, Yatina, did my nails:


My childhood best friend, now sister-in-law Chie, and my bestie who i do everything life with- Kudzo did an amazing décor job along with a team of helpers:


My Mummy grew our aisle flowers. Grew them. From seedlings. Y’all! She and her friend also created the upright flower arrangements. She also had our ceremony backdrop made, made our tablecloths, napkins and table runners. Oh and her amazing garden was our venue but whatever. Super mom.


My big sisters baked and iced our cake. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their lemon coconut pound cake with a lemon zest drizzle….lawdt. I also asked for 100 cupcakes and got them because you know, little sister.

And that’s just half the story. Missing is the team that ran the day behind the scenes, besties-turned mcs cum singers cum dancers and more. Never mind our siblings and parents who all turned into wedding planners over night. Like I said- this will take a while!

I hated when girls gave me wedding advice (aunty, are we marrying the same guy with the same families and the same guests?!)…but I will say this. Do whatever it takes so that on your day you are this happy:



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